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 Our Mission:

Improve the physical and mental health of Park County residents


Rocky Mountain Rural Health is governed by a 6 member Board of Directors. These volunteers
 are community members from throughout Park County and other Colorado communities.

                                        Dale Fitting PhD              --  President
Dale Fitting has been a board member of Rocky Mountain Rural Health since 2004. Currently he is serving as board President.

Dale is a physicist and engineer as well as a small business owner in Fairplay. The business and industry acumen he brings to RMRH is invaluable to the vision, outreach and effectiveness of the organization. His career in science and industry brought him in contact with government and granting agencies which gives him unique insight into operating effectively within the scope of regulatory agencies and grant making.

                                          Jill Smola BS                   --  Secretary
Jill Smola is the Secretary of Rocky Mountain Rural Health and has been a member of the board since 2015. She has 12 years of experience serving with non-profit organizations and has a wealth of experience in resource development, event coordination and board governance and organization. She is currently the Executive Director of Chaffee County Habitat for Humanity.

Jill has a BS in Behavioral Analysis which in combination with her passion to help others and her experience puts her in the forefront of finding solutions to problems rural communities face.

                                         Kathy Fitting, MD, FACP  -- Treasurer
Katherine Fitting joined the board of directors of Rocky Mountain Rural Health in 2013 but has had an ongoing relationship with the organization since 2004. She currently serves RMRH as Treasurer and Board-Staff Liaison.

Katherine is a medical doctor retired from clinical practice. For seventeen years she was a kidney specialist in Denver. In 2004 she took up practice in Fairplay as a primary care doctor where she served the community until her retirement in 2013. Her calling as a doctor and her experience in a medically underserved area have created a foundation for the board to realize the vision of improving access to health care in Park County.

                                          Susan Canterbury            --  Board Member

                                          Bonnie Guzman NP         --  Board Member

Bonnie Guzman joined the board of Rocky Mountain Rural Health in 2015 bringing with her medical expertise and a lifelong passion for volunteering.

Bonnie has an Associate of Science in Nursing degree and has 45 years of experience as a registered nurse. Currently she is a per diem nurse at Park County Jail and is the Deputy Coroner for Park County. Bonnie is the co-founder of Colorado Forensic Canines.

                                         Susan Hill MSPH            --  Board Member
Susan Hill has 30 years of experience in public health and philanthropy.  After earning a Master’s degree in Public Health, Susan went to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to help create a statewide program of community-based health promotion/disease prevention.

In 2001, Susan became the Director of Programs and was later named Vice President for Caring for Colorado (CFC), where she worked for 13 years.  Susan’s initial role at CFC was to lead the development of the foundation’s grant making strategies and processes.  Under Susan’s leadership CFC implemented a community-based grants program with an emphasis on strengthening the capacity of the healthcare safety net.

Susan joined the board of Rocky Mountain Rural Health in 2015.   Her role on the board has been to assist with fundraising and strategic planning.

To contact us:

Phone: 719-836-2169
Fax: 719-836-2375
E-mail: info@rmrh.org

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